About Us

May Wellness Centre is a unique concept in healthcare for mind, body and wellness.

Established in 2018, the May Wellness Centre is the brainchild of Dr John Quinn. The unique concept brings together a range of carefully chosen services provided by experts in their field. 

Dr John Quinn has worked as a GP since 2004, but is also a very well-known Aesthetic Doctor. He established Quinn Clinics in 2006.

May Wellness Centre brings together those two areas of experience. John explains:

“Having worked as a GP in the NHS, I have often felt that a more holistic approach to health would be really beneficial. It takes time and resources to look at the whole person, but the benefits are immense.

“Rather than looking at treating symptoms, I felt that we get a much better result if we are able to take time to get to know the patient and understand their challenges and hopes.

“The May Wellness Centre includes both of my areas of experience. We will be offering a range of medical services which are discreet, confidential and sensitive.  We are also bringing in the full range of Quinn Clinics aesthetic treatments with the latest technology to help our patients look great – an immeasurable boost in confidence and wellbeing.

“However, the expansion to new, larger premises means that we are able to expand further with a range of very complementary services.

“Physical fitness is key to health, so we are bringing in services such as private gym, yoga and personal trainers. We’ll also be providing tailored diet and nutritional programmes for our clients.

“Yet mental health is another vital aspect to overall well being. You don’t have to have a ‘problem’ to benefit from psychotherapy or CBT. Many of our patients would not have any kind of diagnosis, yet in times of stress or manor decision making, having the support of a professional therapist is incredibly valuable.

“When we’re working to improve our body, mind, health and appearance; the benefits are vast. You’ll feel better on the inside and look good on the outside.”


Telephone: 0117 924 4592 Email: info@maywellnesscentre.co.uk