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A positive affirmation is simply a statement that we can say or think repeatedly about ourselves.  It may feel uncomfortable at first, but there is good evidence that this is a really empowering technique which can help people to retrain the way they think, feel more positive and achieve goals. 

Jules HellensJules Hellens, Wellbeing Life Coach based at The May Wellness Centre based in Redlands, Bristol, shares her expert advice on how everybody can make use of ‘positive affirmations’ in daily life and use them to replace harmful beliefs about ourselves with strong, positive and constructive beliefs.

She explains:

“Positive affirmation works by us continually driving these good thoughts down further into our subconscious.

“This increases the likelihood that we will act upon them or at the very least they will increase our self-worth.”

It does take practice at first and you may need to create a system of reminders for yourself, but stick at it and you’ll notice the results.

Jules says:

“After months of practice, I found affirmations to be one of the most effective ways to rewire my subconscious mind. It didn’t take long for them to start having a positive effect on the way I thought about myself and, consequently, the way I lived my life. I quickly began to feel a strong emotional connection to my affirmations.

“This had an incredibly powerful impact on counteracting the negative chatter in my mind. It helped me to refocus and get that annoying, insistent negativity out the way so I could get back on track with achieving my goals.”

Creating Personal Affirmations

Jules Hellens shares her six top tips for creating personal affirmations (inspired by Jack Canfield):

  1. Start with the words ‘I am’
  2. Use the present tense – even though you may be describing what you want, it helps to think as if you already have it
  3. Include an emotion – describe how you’re feeling
  4. State your affirmations in the positive – talk about what you want not what you don’t want
  5. Keep it short – it’s more memorable that way
  6. Be specific and personal – specify the results and keep them focused on yourself, not others

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