The Express: Facial Signs of Type 2 Diabetes

Expert Advice From Dr John Quinn

The Daily Express reported on how signs of high sugar can show up on your face and skin.

High blood sugar levels are the main threat if you have type 2 diabetes.

The article headlined:

“Type 2 diabetes: 3 warning signs on your face of consistently high blood sugar levels”

The feature explains:

“Type 2 diabetes is a chronic condition whereby the body cannot produce enough insulin or the insulin it does produce is not sufficiently processed by the cells.”

Insulin is vital to regulating the right blood sugar and can cause a range of problems  when this is out of balance.

The Express invited Dr John Quinn to explain more. As former GP and founder of Quinn Clinics and The May Wellness Centre, John has extensive medical experience as well as detailed understanding of the skin.

He says:

“”The skin is the largest organ in the body and so it goes without saying that it’s impacted by high blood sugar levels, especially the face.”

John outlined 3 conditions

1/ Scaly eyelid skin

“Xanthelasma, as this condition is medically known, can be a sign that your diabetes is poorly controlled and usually develops when you have high fat levels in your blood.”

2/ Reddish bumps

“These bumps can often look like pimples but the difference to normal pimples is that they’ll turn a yellowy colour.”

As well as the face, these may appear on buttocks, thighs, backs of knees and elbows.

3/ Skin tags on eyelids

These soft growths can indicate uncontrolled blood sugar levels.

Dr Quinn said people should also look out for skin infections, dry itchy skin or darker areas of skin with a velvety texture.

Concerned about signs of high blood sugar?

Doctor Quinn said:

“If you are experiencing any of these skin symptoms then you should seek the advice of a medical practitioner who can look at treatment options.”

Early diagnosis and treatment tends to be far better for patients, so the first step is to get a diagnosis. Your GP can arrange a blood test.

Tips for controlling blood sugar

Leading organisation suggested simple lifestyle changes that can be beneficial in helping to lower blood sugar:

  1. Regular exercise – walking is good
  2. Drink water to flush out some of the glucose and avoid taking on board sugary drinks

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