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Lack of sleep, excessive alcohol and sedentary lifestyle

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After new data exposed the impact of the pandemic on the nation’s health, Good Health Magazine looked at the issue further with expert advice from Dr John Quinn, founder of Quinn Clinics and The May Wellness Centre, here in Bristol.

The research study of 2000 adults highlighted some worrying lifestyle trends:

  • The average person working from home spends a daily average of 3 hours 48 mins sitting on the sofa, 3 hours 36 mins sitting in chairs and 3 hours 48 mins lying on their bed
  • Average 5,229 steps per day – half the 10,000 daily steps recommended by health professionals
  • 43% regularly drive to their local shop
  • Average longest distance most are prepared to walk before getting in the car is 0.66 miles
  • 59% are consuming high sugar, processed or fried foods on a daily basis
  • 20% say their diet is worse than it was a year ago
  • 10% do not drink any water most days, drinking only alternatives such as tea, coffee, fizzy drinks, squash or juice instead
  • 22% are drinking at least 2alcoholic drinks a day. 45% cited lockdown stress lockdown as the main reason cited followed by boredom (36%)

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Experts say that lifestyle choices in terms of activity and diet can damage the body’s lymphatic system, which is essential to maintaining health and wellbeing as well as fighting disease.

The impact of these choices is seen in health and wellbeing:

  • 54% feel “stressed” or “extremely stressed” on a day-to-day basis
  • 64% are suffering from extreme tiredness or fatigue
  • 42% feel exhausted
  • 39% are struggling with insomnia
  • 37% are struggling with anxiety

The article highlighted expert medical advice from GP and founder of The May Wellness Centre, Dr John Quinn, who explained:

“Stress, poor diet and excessive alcohol all contribute towards poor lymphatic health, but the biggest culprit by far is being too sedentary.

“Unlike our circulatory system which uses the heart to pump blood around our bodies, the lymphatic system relies solely on movement to keep it flowing”

“The lymphatic system forms part of our immune system and plays an important role in protecting our bodies.  It is vital for maintaining fluid balance, removing toxins, waste products and abnormal cells, and absorbing fats and proteins from the intestines.”

The lymphatic system is essential to immunity. Lymph fluid carries immune cells to our lymph glands, which is where acquired immunity against infections and vaccinations works to help protect us against diseases and infections.

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Read this feature in full at https://goodhealthmagazine.co.uk/2021/02/23/lack-of-sleep-excessive-alcohol-and-a-sedentary-lifestyle-sound-familiar/.

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