NEW Private Ear Wax Removal Service, Bristol

Private Ear Treatment

at our Bristol Wellness Centre

The May Wellness Centre is delighted to welcome nurse Faye Clifford to the Bristol team.

Faye is a qualified nurse with specialist qualifications and 10 years experience in ear wax removal and ear health. She offers private ear wax removal at our clinic for those who are struggling with excessive wax.

Her gentle yet effective techniques include both microsuction and manual instrumentation procedures, leaving the ear canal clean and clear.

As well as build up of ear wax, the process also cleans away dead skin debris, discharge and foreign bodies.

Following ear cleaning, Faye can carry out microscopic examination of the ear and provide advice on any ongoing care requirements.

Clearing the ears of wax and blockages can immediately improve comfort. In addition, where wax or foreign bodies impacted on hearing, patients are able to hear better as sound can travel through the ear canal more freely.

Ear Wax Removal Enquiries & Appointments

The May Wellness Centre

Faye is based at The May Wellness Centre in Bristol. For any queries or to book an appointment, please contact her direct for any enquiries or to book an appointment

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