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At this time of year, there must be millions of Brits contemplating their diets in a bid to lose a bit of weight before the summer holidays. 

The internet abounds with diet plans, programmes and products which claim to help people lose weight fast. There are a lot that deliberately target those who want to look good in a bikini too!

Yet the truth is, fast dieting is not always the best approach in the longer term.

Cutting back on calories, carbs and sugars can indeed work in the short term if the only consideration is short term weight loss – but there are risks and disadvantages with these radical approaches. 

Firstly, there is a danger that drastic changes can be counterproductive.  Starving the body can slow down metabolism and lower blood sugar levels. This can increase your urge to eat and make you crave the unhealthy things too. Foods like chocolate or crisps don’t sustain us, so after the initial fix, you’ll be hungry again – so you may find that calorie goal really difficult to meet once those snacks have been taken into account.

Secondly, drastic diet approaches are often not sustainable – so after the holiday with no more incentive, it’s easy to slip back into old patterns. This can lead to a yoyo diet habit of cracking down on diet before an event rather than having a year-round healthy attitude. 

Diet/Nutrition Support

For those who need to take a really proactive approach to diet and nutrition, working with a professional can make a transformative difference through sustainable lifestyle changes which can deliver remarkable results not only for the holiday bod but year round too. 

For motivation and guidance, Sophie Claessens, Registered Dietitian is trained not only to provide nutritional advice on a range of topics, but also in how to bring out motivation in her clients. She says:

“If it was easy to make lifestyle changes, we’d all be doing it without batting an eyelid!

“My training in influencing motivation helps me to unlock doors and watch my clients flourish. That’s what I love about my job and what really matters.”

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And if you think you need some motivation to make those dietary changes, or need some nutritional advice, book yourself in for your free 15 minute consultation with Sophie now!


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